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  • Being fairly new to C3, I had no idea what PITD was but since everyone I talked to about it would suddenly get really excited and say it was the most amazing thing ever, I decided I would give it a try. Needless to say, they were absolutely right! Not only is it incredibly fun and a great place to establish new friendships, it honestly brought me so much closer to God and I was able to break through so many old mindsets and step into a new season. I am currently approaching graduation from the internship I got plunged into after party in the desert! This year, I will probably be one of those super excited people because it is an absolutely amazing event that no young person should miss!

    Elsie Campa
    Elsie CampaSDSU
  • Knowing and being known by God has changed my life. I have heard stories and knew a little bit about God but it wasn’t until I actually encountered God did things shift for me. I didn’t come to Party in the Desert as a Christian, I came to PITD guarded, shy, and fearful just looking for a weekend in the desert by the pool to have fun with friends. However, after hearing pastors and peers share and be vulnerable, God began to soften my heart to create an atmosphere of transparency. This is where God met me, right exactly where I was at. I was struggling and had a lot of unbroken habits, but that was the day where i decided to make God bigger than my circumstances. I believe He wants do the same for you. Regardless of if you have walked with God before or if you have never walked into the church, I encourage everyone to come to PITD for a chance to be vulnerable, a place to have fun, and a place of freedom.

    Brittany Abel
    Brittany AbelPLNU