We are so excited that Party In The Desert is making a comeback in 2018. This is more than just a party but a party, party, party! Thats right, three parties! It will also be a weekend of transformation and truly life changing. Register today and we will see you at PITD 2018!

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During PITD something stirred in me that I never experienced before. It was like every dream that God gave me that I thought was unrealistic or dead was resurrected. I got challenged during the sessions to pick up the dreams and visions God placed over my life and run with them. PITD not only introduced me to friends that turned into family but it’s also where everything in me turned around. I am forever grateful for PITD and the major impact it had in my life.

Clarissa Smith

PITD was one of the best weekends of my life. It is equally as fun as it is powerful. I went to PITD being a lukewarm Christian, but came back ON FIRE for God!! It is where you will make lifelong friends and memories. I guarantee you that it will change your life. It shows you that following Jesus isn’t dull or boring, but a life full of PURPOSE and EXCITEMENT!! Do whatever you need to to get there. You won’t regret it.
PITD in one word: LIT

Sydney Beeson

Party in the desert was that moment in my life that changed everything. I showed up to PITD lost, confused, lonely, full of insecurities and baggage and unsure that I should have even been there. As a new and friendless member of C3 I was anxious and guarded and I definitely doubted the weekend would be as fun as the bars, clubs, and college parties I was use to. But it was there, in the middle of the desert, that Jesus met me. It was there that my entire life changed. During that weekend, I encountered Jesus, experienced His unconditional and unfailing love, discovered my identity and purpose, shattered the limit and ceiling on my life, made life long friends that I now call family, and partied harder and had more fun than I ever had before. It was the best weekend of my life. My life since PITD is unrecognizable to the life I was living before. It is incredible what God can do to your life in one weekend and its because of that weekend in the desert that I am living a life better than my dreams.

Maddy Cortese

Party in the Desert saved my life! I was new to C3 and didn’t know very many people but PITD was all I heard about at Society. I decided to go, I came in to PITD broken, scared and distracted, because at the same time my grandfather, who I was close with, was dying. However, that weekend changed everything for me, and is what kept me in church and away from my old habits when my Grandfather past away only days later. I remember hearing the pastor speak on trusting god and giving all your struggles to Him, during that message the pastor opened the alter for anyone who felt like they needed to give things to God. Kneeling on that alter was the first time I truly felt the presence of God and giving my life to Him. That moment showed me what it meant to have a true relationship with God. I encourage every Young Adult to come to PITD and get ready to not only experience freedom and the presence of God but also the friendship you build will be ones of a lifetime.

Katelyn Collins

PITD for me was and will always be more than just some thing everyone says "go to".
I went as a teenager, didn't know what to expect, and still new to this whole being a christian thing. There are a lot of things that PITD did in my life and no paragraph would ever do it justice. Ive made friends that have become my family, grown into a better man, had moments that you can only explain from being away with hundreds of people your age looking to find God. Its a weekend designed for us and our age group, and my favorite weekend all year. Who I was would never have recognized me now. Every year I'm thankful Society puts it on and that every year God shows up.

Gabe Thielen
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